Jenn Herman

Instagram Expert | Speaker | Strategist

Jenn Herman is the fast-talking speaker that lights up an event. Want to keep attendees awake after lunch, or start the day with energy, Jenn is the speaker that will keep audiences engaged, energized, and excited to leave with knowledge and tactics they can implement immediately.

Jenn has built her business as an Instagram expert but is really a strategist at heart. She understands how businesses work – from sales to customer service to administration to the Executive level – and she approaches social media marketing in a way that pulls everything together to grow your business online.

What You Get:


    • A customized presentation, tailored to your audience and industry

    • A fresh, engaging presentation that doesn’t pull any punches

    • The experience of an industry leader to educate your attendees on current trends and tactics

    • Time before and after the presentation to answer questions and meet with the attendees

Our NAMM Show and Summer NAMM audiences cannot get enough of Jenn Herman! With her ability to draw in an audience and provide them with information they can put to use immediately, Jenn continues to set record attendance numbers for the NAMM Idea Center. Jenn brings fresh and relevant presentations each time she speaks, keeping our members up-to-date on the latest in social media tactics and trends. Her specialty may be Instagram, but we’ve also had Jenn speak on Facebook and video marketing with much success. To top it all off she is a joy to work with before and during our events. Always timely with responses and collaborative.

– Jessica Duarte, NAMM

Past Events:

Recommended Presentations:

Instagram Marketing

Everyone is talking about Instagram – and they should be! Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms available today. And it’s going to keep growing!

But so many people struggle with using Instagram for marketing. This is because Instagram isn’t designed for marketers. It’s designed for the average user. BUT, if you know how to capitalize on this and use Instagram efficiently to target your audience, it is quite possibly the most rewarding social media site available!

I have successfully built my business around Instagram and LOVE sharing this information with other businesses. And as an industry-recognized Instagram expert, I can provide Instagram training well beyond the expertise of other

In my Instagram training presentations “How to Successfully Use Instagram to Market Your Business”, attendees will benefit from these topics and takeaways:

    • How to efficiently and effectively format an Instagram profile for maximized business exposure
    • How to properly create high-quality and engaging content for Instagram and how to craft Instagram posts for optimized results
    • How to effectively grow your audience and drive results for your business

Social Media Marketing

Yes, it seems everyone out there is talking about how to use social media marketing. And everyone these days seems to be some sort of social media expert or guru with the magic pill to master social media marketing.

My approach, however, in “How to Succeed at Social Media Marketing When Everyone Else is Failing” deals with the realities of social media marketing.

In my presentations, I tackle these specific areas and offer actionable tips to overcome them:

    • The social media marketing landscape is so heavily saturated that it seems almost impossible to actually see success – especially if you’re just starting out! I’ll show you how to stand out.
    • What to post? When to post? How to respond? So many questions… I’ll give you the answers!
    • Why so many others fail. And my key steps to avoid becoming one of these faltering businesses.

Marketing to the Generations

With four active generations in the work place and making buying decisions, it can be hard to know how to create content that appeals to the right people.
Each generation has different communication styles, different online behaviors, and different spending habits.

I dive into the generational differences and online marketing strategies in my presentation “Marketing to the Different Generations”.

Attendees can expect to takeaway:

    • The ability to define their target audience and know which generation(s) they’re targeting
    • An understanding of how each generation interacts online
    • Tips to create content that will maximize engagement with each different generation


For an example of this presentation “in the wild”, check out this video: