As someone who is passionate about social media, my goal is to help you become successful with your online marketing strategy. My blog is always free to you, and full of information and resources to assist you.

If you need help crafting your strategy or feel you need some additional training or one-on-one support, I am available to help you! I will work with you and your team to find the best ways to support you and your needs. I am available for in-person training events or online consultations or even phone support.

I have worked with a variety of clients from small entrepreneurs to global organizations. And I want to work with you!

If you’re curious, I don’t share the names of my past clients. For two reasons: one, I value their privacy to work with and get support from whomever they choose, and; two, since I offer training and don’t do the work myself, it’s hard to validate the quality of work I provide to them based on what they post publicly. However, I can tell you that I have worked with a major car manufacturer, television news stations, a mobile phone service company, a global software company, an international transportation company, retail chains, colleges, musicians, artists, and more small businesses.

Here are some of the basic services that I offer:

Consultations – $295/hour

You get one hour of Jenn’s undivided attention to discuss your pressing social media questions! Together, you can talk about specific platforms, your marketing strategy, your questions about best practices, or any other social media topics that have you struggling.

Instagram Intensive – $500

This four-hour deep-dive training is for intermediate to advanced Instagram users. It’s a live, virtual training for a small group of attendees. This gives each attendee the chance to ask their questions, get their own dedicated solutions, and learn directly from the others in the group. The group discussion is facilitated based on the individual needs of each attendee to provide them with the solutions they need for their business. No organic Instagram topic is off the table when conducting these trainings!

To find out more or sign up for the next session, click here.

Webinars – $1500

Uplevel your team’s Instagram or social media skills with a one-hour customized webinar for your organization. Every webinar is designed for each specific client with examples and tactics specific to your industry and team. Webinars are delivered live or recorded exclusively for your organization for you to distribute as needed. You will never receive the exact same webinar as any one else! Delivered via online access, for one flat rate, you can educate your whole team regardless of their physical location.

Social Media Strategic Sessions – $3000 & Up

If you (or your team) want to maximize your social media or Instagram marketing, Jenn is available for personalized strategic sessions. She will customize a session based on your individual needs, goals, and desired results to ensure your team is functioning as efficiently as possible with current social media tactics. Strategic sessions are available in 1-6 hour sessions depending on your needs and schedule and are available on site or provided remotely via live video. Jenn will meet with you prior to the scheduled session to assess your needs, objectives, current successes, and areas for improvement to customize the training for your team. These strategic sessions are ideal for quarterly or annual team development meetings.

Custom Social Media Strategy – $1995/site

The process of designing your personalized, custom social media strategy typically begins with a phone or Zoom call to discuss your individual needs and goals with social media. When designing your strategy, Jenn will provide you with a comprehensive overview of your social media platform(s) as well as individual details for each social media site. This information includes goals and expectations (ROI) as well as detailed tips on how to improve your existing profiles, what content to post and when, and what tactics and methods to employ. Jenn also focuses on providing you with the best time management tips and options to ensure you see the maximum return on your time commitment. Strategy packages typically take about three weeks to complete after the initial phone conversation. When bundling together multiple platforms in one strategy, enjoy a 15% discount for 2 platforms, or a 25% discount for 3 or more platforms.

Social Media Strategy Custom Packages

If you want more than a simple one-and-done solution, and instead want hands-on support, training, and guidance through your social media strategy, Jenn provides custom packaged solutions. These include full platform audits of your existing social media profiles, a custom strategy as outlined above, and regular one-on-one Zoom calls to assess your progress, help you with adjusting your content plans, keeping you up to date on platform changes, and much more. This solution is typically a six-month commitment. Prices will vary depending on the number of profiles to be included. Contact Jenn via the form below for more information and a customized proposal for your company.

Speaking Engagements

Jenn is available to speak at your social media or marketing conference or event! If you’re looking for an engaged, enthusiastic speaker who will provide actionable takeaways for your audience, she looks forward to discussing your event with you. You can find more information about having Jenn as a speaker on this page.

Most of these services are offered at a flat rate. Jenn is committed to seeing you reach your goals and doesn’t think those goals can be priced by the hour. Whether it takes a couple days or a number of months to reach your desired results, Jenn won’t nickle and dime you.

Additional services and pricing are available on a personalized basis. Please contact Jenn for more specific information and pricing.

And if you’re curious about what others have to say about her work, you can read some of the testimonials she’s received.

If you are a veteran or service member looking for assistance with your online marketing strategy, please let us know. Jenn offers discounts to help you succeed in the next phase of your career!

If you are interested in any of these services, or are in need of other services for your social media strategy, please feel free to contact me!

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