If you’re looking for a social media trainer or social media advice, I don’t expect you to hire me based on my word. I invite you to read my blog posts, check out my social media profiles, and Google me. I am confident that you will know me better and have a good understanding of my perspective on social media marketing.

If you would like to hear from others, I invite you to look through these comments and testimonials that others have made.


Our NAMM Show and Summer NAMM audiences cannot get enough of Jenn Herman! With her ability to draw in an audience and provide them with information they can put to use immediately, Jenn continues to set record attendance numbers for the NAMM Idea Center. Jenn brings fresh and relevant presentations each time she speaks, keeping our members up-to-date on the latest in social media tactics and trends. Her specialty may be Instagram, but we’ve also had Jenn speak on Facebook and video marketing with much success. To top it all off she is a joy to work with before and during our events. Always timely with responses and collaborative. – Jessica D.

Damn, that was good! Earlier today, Jenn gave an expert presentation to a global live and recorded community, in my LegalMinds Mastermind weekly live video. Of course, the topic was Instagram, and Jenn was fantastic. Her content, presentation, and real-time engagement with my community were outstanding. In 45 minutes of material, Q&A, and conversation, we learned what to do, and not do, to build our professional brands on the Instagram platform. She was even kind enough to share breaking Instagram news! Without any hesitation whatsoever, I recommend Jenn for your speaking needs. Thanks, Jenn, for an outstanding presentation. – Mitch Jackson

Training & Strategic Sessions



Jenn is extremely knowledgeable about how to improve business engagement on social media. I hired her to help boost one of my social media platforms. Within ONE day of implementing her advice, I saw a 20% increase in engagement on that platform. She is knowledgeable, professional, and extremely fun to work with.” – Julia M.


“I’ve taken B School, Chalene Johnson’s Marketing Impact Academy, and oodles of other courses. Paid close to 10 grand over the years. And I gotta come clean and you YOUR blogs are what are helping me the most. #truestory” – Tanya P.


Jenn is wonderful. She is a joy to talk to for so many reasons. She is authentic, genuine, warm and very wise. She has helped me with a detailed review of my social networks and blog as well as consulted with me on a project specifically for Instagram. Jenn brings a great deal of sound ideas, wisdom, insight and inspiration. I highly recommend working and learning from her.” – Amanda B.


“Jenn is a confident, articulate coach and teacher, and gave me a clear direction on developing and implementing a social media strategy. She’s on top of current customer and market trends and it really shows. Had some great sessions with her.” Kelle L.


“Jenn Herman has always been a keen observer of what’s going on around her. She brings this keen observation, and good gut instincts, to her social media expertise. I follow her (and her advice) and would recommend anyone else interested in improving their social media skills to follow Jenn also.” Philip N.


“Jenn has been a great source of Social Media information for me. I have shared many of her blog articles in my online newspaper and on my own business pages. I find each article to have great insight and information into the world of Social Media. The information and tips she supplies have been invaluable to me, my clients, and my readers. I have also found Jenn to be very committed to consistently providing the best and most up to date information available to her own blog readers and visitors to her site. I believe her goal is to truly help everyone understand how they can get the best out using Social Media for themselves and their businesses. For these reasons, I highly recommend Jenn Herman as a Social Media Manager and Strategist. I know she is completely focused on partnering with her clients to help them reach their goals.” Kim K.


And now I hope you have a better perspective on who I am and what I do. If you feel like I am the right match for you and your business, please contact me for more information on how I can help you succeed with social media marketing.