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How and Where to Start on Social Media

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I was scrolling through my social media feed the other day and I came across a simple, yet powerful quote that my friend had shared. And it got me thinking. The quote was something that could apply to most anything in our lives and businesses but I really connected with it from a social media perspective.

One of the biggest challenges that new companies, small businesses, or entrepreneurs face is how and where to start on social media.

Should you start now? Should you be on every platform? If not every platform, which one(s) should you use? What should you post? How often should you post? How are you going to get followers and fans? Are they going to like what you post?

OMG this gets overwhelming!

There’s so much to think about and so much to distract you! We’re so worried about getting started that we can’t even get started.

And that’s why this quote that my friend Mike Allton shared works so well:


(Side note: If you’re not following Mike, you’re seriously missing out!)

This quote from Arthur Ashe sums it all up. Perfectly.

Start Where You Are

We all start our journeys at different places and with different experiences. Social media will be no different.

Don’t worry about anyone else and where they are or where they started. Focus on where you are.

Whether you have a big customer base or are literally starting your business from nothing. It doesn’t matter. Maybe you have procrastinated starting a Facebook page or Twitter account. That’s ok. Start where you are today.

Share what’s relevant to your business today. Your business will grow and your social media will evolve. Don’t worry about what it should like or where it should be in a year. Get started.

If you don’t start, it can’t go anywhere any faster. Just get started!

Use What You Have

You might not have a budget for ads. You might not have employees to help you market or post on social media. You might not have a lot of content to share.

But you have what you have.

You have your product or service. You have your personality and your brand’s story. You have experiences and solutions that no one else has. You have resources and information that are valuable. You have opinions and thoughts to share.

You also have experience with some social media platforms from your personal use. Use this to your advantage. If you don’t understand Google+ or Twitter, these may not be the best places to get started right away. Start where you’re comfortable and work into more platforms as you get more comfortable with social media marketing.

Use what you have to create a basic strategy and get started. Know what you have and how you can use that to your advantage. In time, you will have more: more content, more advice, more products, more experience, and more information.

But you don’t need to wait. Use what you have now to get started now.

Do What You Can

You need to know what you can do. If you can only allot an hour a day to social media, that’s ok. Know your limits and restrictions. If you set your expectations too high, you are setting yourself up for overwhelm and failure.

Set your strategy in place to allow you to do what you can.

Don’t try to post 3 times a day to Facebook and 4 times a day to Twitter. Instead, post once a day to each. If you can maintain that posting schedule comfortably, then up the frequency.

Don’t try to be active daily on every major social media platform. Focus on one or two until you gain traction and know what’s working for you. Then branch out to another platform and grow from there.

Don’t try to be like every other page or brand out there. Be you. Be true to your brand voice and personality. Trying to be something you’re not is going to put so much more pressure and stress on your social media posts. Instead, do what comes naturally and you’ll find it so much easier.

Do what you can to get started now!


Have you noticed a theme here? How and where to start on social media is right now. Just get started. Do what you can. Use what you have. The longer you delay starting, the more work you have to do. The longer it will take to reach your goals. The harder it will be to stand out in the crowd.

Just get started.

End of blog - Social Media Strategy

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End of blog - Social Media Strategy

12 responses to “How and Where to Start on Social Media”

  1. Good advice! Many times we are daunted by a huge task instead of focusing on the small tasks that will get you there. Each business, especially small businesses, have their own vibe. Play to that and as you, and the quote from Mike, suggests ~ Do What You Can with What You Have. Most excellent!

    • Jenn Herman says:

      Thanks Kim! So glad this connected with you too 🙂
      It can be really hard for small businesses to “get going” and just starting is often the biggest hurdle. Once the momentum gets going, it all starts flowing so much easier.

  2. Kimmie says:

    I like the inspiration in the article! For people who feel like they don’t have time to be sitting on Facebook or Twitter all day posting, there are websites out there that automatically post comments for you throughout the day. That can be a huge time saver for people that want to be active on social media but don’t have the time to be on it all day. Thanks for the article!


    • Jenn Herman says:

      Thanks Kimmie! I’m glad you liked the article.
      And, yes, tools like Buffer and Hootsuite can do wonders for streamlining social media activities.

  3. Mike Allton says:

    Thanks Jenn! I love where you took this.

  4. Hi Jenn,

    The Do What You Can Advice vibes with me.

    I spent a few weeks thinking through my new blog’s promotional/creating strategy. I largely let go Facebook, and focused on twitter. At that, I cut back my tweeting dramatically too. I had to be lighter on social because in the past I tried to do what I couldn’t do, and flamed out miserably.

    Now, I do what I can. 1 update on FB, or maybe 2. I left many Groups not relevant to my niche. I became super active on Triberr because the platform helped me to do what I could, from a blog commenting/outreach angle, and I also spent a bit more time on Google Plus.

    That’s the great secret. Follow each step, and do what you can, without overdoing it.

    Start where you are, whether you’re blogging from paradise like me, or are someone new to blogging, or social. Find a social mentor like Jenn, follow her advice, and build up your campaign with a baby-steps approach.

    Smart social is slow and steady social, but of course, you must start, and post a daily update to get the ball rolling.

    Thanks Jenn.

    Tweeting through Triberr.


    • Jenn Herman says:

      Thanks Ryan! I’m so glad you enjoyed this and appreciate you sharing it with your audience too 🙂
      The baby steps approach is really so important. Forward progress is still progress no matter how small. And these “experts” who tell you how to see success in a matter of days or hours are lying. It takes time to do social well and grow a real presence.

  5. Nicely done, Jenn. You’ve managed to, with very few words, send a calming message to anyone who’s scared about taking the plunge. There really is a crush of information out there and it can be daunting, isolating even, to try to wade through it all.

    Be nice. Make friends. Do stuff.

    Not really that complex when you look past all the technology.

    • Jenn Herman says:

      Thanks Dan! I’m so glad you liked it and that it resonated with you. I love what you said: Be nice. Make friends. Do stuff! That’s a serious life mantra right there 🙂

  6. I have seen too many cases lately where this article applies. Recently I found a poor guy with no much Social Media knowledge who, in the quest of perfection, have opened accounts and was trying to keep up with: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, Tumblr and LinkedIn. He was not getting much results in any of those… At times, less is more.

    • Jenn Herman says:

      Especially when starting out, Antonio! Get comfortable first. Trying to manage a presence everywhere will overwhelm a newbie for sure.

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